Friday, March 31, 2017


Here we are into the last day of March!

My thoughts are on recipes and a new website and soup
and root veggies roasted!

When I roast a chicken, it serves many purposes.

Dinner when complete, sandwiches or chicken burritos and soup.

Veggies oh yes, so looking forward to the CSA weekly
baskets, fresh eggs included!

Roasting veggies I just toss all in olive oil, and sprinkle 
Champagne Vinegar on top into a 360 oven temp,
check veg for tenderness-done in approx. 1 1/2 hr.

Chicken soup I cut up chicken- say 2-3 cups, chop 3 stalks of celery, egg noodles,
and 5 carrots, place all in your soup pot and cover with chicken stalk.
Bring to boil and lower heat to med low till carrots are cooked-done.
I serve with garlic & butter bisquits.

Enjoy your time making and your Friday, as we await snow!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


As young children we learn to write.
Print or cursive I recall. Proper penmanship was imperative
back then.

I loved sending out handwritten Thank You note cards,
after Birthday & Christmas! It was tradition.

My only child, a son could write & draw quite early in his life.

I was a Town News Columnist, long ago in my other life, living on another Island. I so loved that job. Part-time as I wanted to fill all my time up
as my son was about to leave for college. So I worked full-time, and wrote PT,
and baked and sold bread and was so involved in his world.

Then I started writing stories and dad & I were going to work on a book project
about the time he was diagnosed with cancer. He the illustrator and I the writer. NOT!

So, life continues and I cherish my writing time.
Currently two book projects.
These days I type on my typewriter, type on my computer,
and write long hand with Quill and with my favorite pen, in journal and paper.

We must not give up writing long hand, so teach your children to send off hand written 
cards and or notes snail mail, keep up tradition.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Thinking Spring

The mail brought me Spring tops and a maxi skirt!
Hi/Low ruffles and lace,YES!
Greens are purportedly 2017 Pantone color.
So a few greens won't hurt, though I only care for moss green.
It's all good.
I'm not one to get pulled into On-Trend items,But I like to be 
in w/fashion.
Color block & hi/low seem to be it.
I like Mint, Navy, Blush, and always Black for Spring.
Liking the styles seemingly fitting for all ages, important for us over age 30!
Well as I purge and replace, Spring just around the corner!
(I am seeing Crocus & Daffodil heads trying to pop open)!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

stripe rocks & feathers

If i'm walking and a feather's in my path-I scoop it up.
If I stumble on a rock and it has stripes (wishing rocks)
I bring it home.
My new collections-Hygee moments!
View my Rock & Feather PIN on

Sunday, February 26, 2017


I looked at my Spring wardrobe and the footwear dept. looking a bit bleak!
Time to update, purge and comfort at the top of my list.
I love the colors. Taupe and blush so far!
I will need white leather sneakers also.
Ladies, take a look at "Earth" footwear, you'll be amazed.
Remember the Swedish Yoga gal who started this footwear Co. thirty-plus years ago?
Well my Booties above are Earth! Comfort and on trend!
I like no more than a 2" heel these days, as I stand at 5'6 &1/2".
Steve Madden & Ryka & Birkies and Vionic are all amazing!
View the Evolution Of Shoes from 8000BC thru 1970.
We are on our feet constantly, take good care to make sure they
have comfort and treat yourself to a pedicure.
One last mention, get a shoe rack or keep them in their original boxes.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Blush & Taupe

Colors of light skin tones appeal to me!
I've been drawn to tones of taupe and blush of late.
Decor as well as on trend wearables, it's all working.
I feel even calmer wearing or having these shades around me.
Though, 2017 Pantone is the word, and they say Greens, i'm noticing a lot
of the same blush and taupes returning.
They look fresh and clean on every skin tone, not abrasive.
I so needed a cross-body bag, never thinking i'd find one in blush
soft leather!
The taupe perforated booties, such a find and can't wait to wear them for Spring.
Accessories here and there have shown up in my path, so I grabbed them,
again in blush.
In fashion trends I say pick the styles and colors that work for you, always.
(I have managed to find a few lovely Green Pantone color tops, w/my theme of lace
& ruffles.)

Sunday, February 19, 2017


The book arrived after the holidays.
The little book of Hygee. Pronounced HOO-GA.
Danish Secrets To Happy Living.
by Meik Wiking-the CEO of Happiness Research Institute.

Yes-two hundred & twenty one pages of info.
Well come to find out I've been living the Hygee way!
Games, TV night, sledding, play, relax, picnic, watch the sky.
We all need a notebook and fav pen, fav blanket and socks,
tea, music, a warm sweater, and a comfortable chair.
Find time for walks, and foraging, and knit and always be comfortable.
Hygee is my world!
A great read, I'll pass mine on to a friend off island and she to another.